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About Blessapp

Our current social networking reality is focused mostly on how many friends you have and how quick you jump on board with the hottest trending moment or social challenge. What happens when you're no longer riding that wave? You're back to reality facing real world problems, with unanswered questions about life, love, and the pursuit of fulfillment. Are your current social networking apps filling this void today? Probably not...hence Blessapp!

Blessapp recognizes that we live in a massive world full of tactics that focus on growing markets, creating buzzes, and increasing followers all while oftentimes losing the "we" that drives it all. After all, we are apart of this market, right? Without us, where would social media be? Not only have we gotten lost in the market, but we've replaced genuine social connections with cute emojis that never ask us how are you, what's your story, what inspires you, or what have you accomplished today?

Blessapp exists to restore the “social” part of the social media frenzy and cultivate an atmosphere for meaningful dialogue through testimony sharing and advice seeking. Blessapp brings life back to being communal on personal levels while bridging the gap between helplessness and support. Where’s the accountability for personal growth amidst the host of social media platforms? Blessapp seeks to focus on the more relevant issues in life that we battle daily such as self-esteem, strained relationships, career and family life stressors, cultural and identity barriers, and the list goes on.

If you haven’t realized that we (as in app users), are the heart of the social enterprise, much like Starbucks is to the coffee world, then you’ll continue to ride the wave and ignore the reality that we need to invest in each other. Blessapp creates the real economic value by allowing users to share in the very value they create! How? By simply making an impact within the social market. Let’s get back to the basics and grow our social communities the healthy and positive way through personal connections that expand beyond emojis, hashtags, and fake friends. Our world is only as good as the people in it and Blessapp is on a mission to uphold just that!