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What is Blessapp?

The next level to socializing. Blessapp is the new wave of leveling up on life, growth, and purpose. Seek advice anonymously, share testimonies boldly, and repeat! Life is not just worth living but worth sharing. So come on and join the movement where experiences become milestones and testimonies become inspiration!

Organic Social Network

Designed for users from all walks of life having a familiar social network feel with a twist! Online “friends” are overrated; no friends here, we call them Connects! Blessapp encourages connections through the testimonial journey of each user. It’s not just another social network, it’s a lifestyle.

Social Lifehack

A great use of technology for overcoming social anxiety, repurposing life and conveniently making a difference. Through the sharing of testimonies on a platform with less noise users are guaranteed to be heard!

Why now?

Our current social networking reality is focused mostly on how many friends you have and how quick you jump on board with the hottest trending moment or social challenge. What happens when you're no longer riding that wave? You're back to reality facing real world problems, with unanswered questions about life, love, and the pursuit of fulfillment. Are your current social networking apps filling this void today? Probably not...hence Blessapp!

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